1.9 Quick Connection Switch


If you have multiple connections to the database, you can easily switch between them without having to move each time to the Settings section of Store Manager.

This can be possible by using the [Quick Connection Switch], which is located in the "Tools" tab. Click it and select the configuration from the drop-down list.

Please note, to be able to manage the multiple stores you have to order the Professional Edition of Store Manager. The Standard Edition allows working only with one connection.

If you want to return to store database you have been working on previously or switch to any other store from your connection configurations list , press this button once again and select from the displayed list the required one.

Take a note, the list contains previously setup store connections only. In case there are no any of them, you have to launch Connection Wizard to get connected to your stores, in order to see and manage data in Store Manager further.

When the wizard is complete, new configuration will be available among the other connections in the quick switching list.