2.11. Images


"Images" sector contains basic operations with illustrations assigned to selected products.

In the Product Lower Grid activate current tab with toolbar’s options that allows to perform following actions:

  • [Add Image] button assigns new illustration to the product you chose.
Add image option
  • [Replace Image] overwrites an existing image on a new one, which was just selected. Take a note, information regarding an image caption, ID and image position will be saved.
Replace product image
  • [Regenerate Thumbnail] is an operation you have to perform each time when uploading or re-sizing images .
Regenerate thumbnail option
  • [Edit Caption] - make changesin a caption that will be assigned to the image on the front end.

In case you manage the multilingual store you need to specify updates in each language tab.

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- [Delete Image] button - unassign and remove illustration from selected product. Confirm the action to proceed:

Delete image

- [Copy product(s)] and [Paste product(s)] buttons are located on the top toolbar. Choose positions to copy, click on the necessary button and the process will launch. You will see results on the progress-bar:

Copy progress bar

Then you can assign copied illustrations to the product you choose.

Paste image

The progress bar will notify about completion of the paste operation as well.

If you have some additional questions regarding the image operations, contact our support center to get the quality assistance and help.