3. Products Management

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Product Management with Store Manager for PrestaShop is very simple. You have all necessary tools for adding PrestaShop products. Also you have no limitations in the number of PrestaShop products, categories and subcategories.

Store Manager for PrestaShop allows you to specify products names, add new products, add new product images, remove unwanted ones, and adjust the products options. You can preview and manage your PrestaShop products' information at the Products Section, change Images at PrestaShop Product Images Section and deal with options using PrestaShop Product options Section.

Products Section

To add, edit or delete products, use PrestaShop Products toolbar.

Or use any Prestashop Product's Context menu:

You can perform these basic operations:

  1. [Refresh] forces product list update. It is useful when you're changing connection or have any doubts, for instance, if the latest data is displayed.

2. [Add Product] calls blank Edit Product form to create a new product.

3. To edit product you can double click on it or use [Edit product] button. It calls "Edit Product" form for selected product.

4. You can "Clear Product Data".

or "Delete Selected Product" from your store.

You won't be able to undo delete, unless you've made a database backup.

5. You can use Mass Product Changer option to modify some options for several products at once. See Mass Product Changer option here.

6. To create an order select necessary products in the product grid. To do so right-click on your mouse and choose "Create Order with Selected Product(s). This will open POS sector of Store Manager.


Addons option

[Addons] button calls the drop-down menu with some options (see the illustrations below).

  • on the top toolbar:

    • in the context menu:

This transfers selected products from the Products page to the addon submitted in a list.

Take a note, some of the actions can be scheduled and run automatically.

Automated Addon Actions

To launch the Scheduler press [Show Scheduled Tasks] of the Addons sector in Store Manager.

Press [Add Task] button to create new task:

In the form "Add Task to Scheduler" specify the task name and choose the type of the task:

As you can see, the operations related to the Amazon, eBay and QuickBooks Integration Addons can be used in scheduling, i.e.:

1) Amazon Integration Addon operations:

- export products;

-synchronize products;

-synchronize orders;

2) eBay Integration Addon operations:

- export products;

-synchronize products

3) QuickBooks Integration operations:

- export products to QB;

- export customers to QB;

- export orders to QB;

- import products from QB

So you need to select one from a list and indicate the time and date of its performance.

Scheduled tasks and their description are available in the relevant section of Store Manager:

Product Attributes Section


This section allows you to view, assign, edit and delete images.


In this section you can create and change variations of products in bulk. This is possible via Product Combinations Generator and Mass Combination Changer.


Features tab allows you to manage PrestaShop product features.

For more details about PrestaShop Product Features click here

Main Product Properties

At the bottom of the product page, you can find an option "Main Product Properties" with the basic details of selected product.

In "Product global information" you can see the following data:

- product_id, product status and name, reference, condition (new, used or refurbished), official manufacturer and supplier etc.

In the "Options" section you can find main product data. There are following fields:

- "Available for order". Check "Yes" or "No" if you want selected product to be available for purchasing at your store;

- "Show price". If you do not want to show product price you can choose "No" and vice versa;

- "Online only (not sold in store)". If you have products (e.g. downloadable or virtual) that are available online only, check the relevant option in this field.

"Price" section contains data on product price and taxes.

"Quantity" - the smallest available quantity of selected product.

"Shipping" section contains parameters of product packaging, additional shipping cost value with possible indexation, the date, when this product was added to the product list and the last update of the product.

You can also find the following tabs in the "Main Product Properties" section:

1. "Short Description" provides a brief description of the product and its main characteristics.

2. "Description" shows more deployed product description with detailed elaboration of its characteristics.

3. "Availibility & SEO" presents a set of techniques and best practices aimed to improve searching and displaying website (online store) in search engines. This tab includes following fields:

Products Management is shown in the following video material: