Mass Feature Changer

fmMassFeaturesChanger - Mass Feature Changer

In order to save your time while changing features for each product, use the "Mass Feature Changer" to perform operations with products in bulk.

This is easy to use option, that allows you to work more quickly with the Store Manager.

To perform mass changing:

1. Select products, then go to "Mass Feature Changer":

2. Specify the feature name in the field Text to search in order to find the existing features. To find out how to add new or edit the existing feature, go to Features section.

To be able to configure the features according to your needs, there were added several of them in Store Manager for PrestaShop.

If you select several languages for your on-line store, you will be able to switch between them directly in the window of "Mass Feature Changer".

Add your specifications in the given fields in order to modify your products and then press [OK] to apply changes.

Please, check the following article on Mass Feature Changer functionality:

PrestaShop Mass Feature Changer