1.7 Customization


Customization tab helps set the additional fields for text content and image assignment. For example, when selling the sets of tableware and need clients (customers) can add some information and illustrations for you before

purchasing such items. This makes possible to modify products at your store by adding extra details on the products you are offering and thereby complementing your store products' base with new properties and features.

You can find 'Customization' sector on the Product page's lower menu of Store Manager:

Customization section

To activate customization specify in ‘File fields’ and ‘Text fields’ boxes the required values and press ‘Update Settings’ option in the top:

Update Settings option

You can specify as many customized fields as you want.

Required customized fields

You can also mark some fields with the tick (see an illustration above) and during ordering customer(s) cannot add the certain product to the cart(s) without filling these extra fields which become mandatory on the front-end:

Reguired fields on the Frontend

To the group of products can be used Product Customizations Generator - it becomes available in case selecting two and more products from a list in the Lower Grid of Products page:

Product Customization Generator

Or in the top toolbar of Store Manager as well:

Product customization generator in the top toolbar

You will see the form where should indicate which fields you want to be extra fields for such items.

Product Customization Generator form

Please note, these positions on the Front-End will be the same for all products you have chosen.

Take into account the field - ‘Only add new’ in the Customization Generator form. It allows creating the new extra fields and adding them to the fields that were linked before, without deleting the last ones.

Only add new

Do not forget to press an option for saving your actions:

Save labels option

Check the following article to get more information on customized fields for multiple products creation in Store Manager for Prestashop:

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