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Easy to use interface is PrestaShop’s competitive advantage.

PrestaShop category management is a convinient tool to specify, change, remove categories. You can also adjust all structures as you need. Simple drag-and-drop technology allows you to manage your folders in a category tree.

If you want to "Add...", "Edit..." or "Delete..." PrestaShop categories, use Categories toolbar or choose an operation in the Categories context menu:

You can perform the following operations:

1. [Refresh categories list] button forces categories list update. It is useful when you're changing connection or have any doubts in the latest data displayed.

2. [Add new category] button calls blank edit PrestaShop category form. See below "Edit PrestaShop category" form description.

3. To edit category double click it or use [Edit current category] button. It calls edit PrestaShop category form for highlighted category.

4. You can delete selected category and its subcategories from your store. To do so click [Delete selected category(ies)]. Pay attention, you won't be able to undo delete, unless you've made database backup.

You have to confirm your choice by clicking [Yes] or [No]:

Select [Yes] to delete the category and all its products.

Select [No] to close the window without any changes.

You will be asked to confirm your action for each subcategory.


If you have products assigned to multiple PrestaShop categories, they will be completely removed not only from selected category but from the store as well.

"Associate with Shop(s)" option can be found in the Categories context menu:

Assign category at least to one of the stores in the form as shown below:

The checkbox at the bottom of the "Associate with Shop(s)" window allows you to save the association for the products of the particular category (i.e. products will also be attached to the selected stores).

5. You can copy and paste selected category using corresponding buttons [Copy Category(ies) to Clipboard] and [Paste Category(ies) from Clipboard]. You can find more details about Copy/Paste PrestaShop category options on this page.

6. [Run a categories import/export wizard] button allows you to export PrestaShop categories to the .csv file and import PrestaShop categories from .csv/.xls file.

7. Use [Expand all categories] or [Collapse all categories] buttons to expand or collapse category tree.

8. For your convenience, there are [Up category position] and [Down category position] buttons that allow you to move categories.

9. When you moved up or down a category, you will need to click [Sort by grid position] button, so that the category stays where you need.

10. "Assign Image" option helps to set illustration to the selected category.

Please note, to activate "Category Image Preview" you need to specify correct FTP settings. Press the [Browse] button to open "Preferences" form and specify the necessary settings details:

Take a note!

Category filter is now available in the updated version of Store Manager for Prestashop (starting from ver.2.38.0 (1857)).

Use the "Filter" field in the upper side of the "Category" area:

If you need to find a category position, specify the title (letters) in the text field as shown below.

[Filter options] button, which is right next to the text field, opens the list of conditions for the search text ("Exact phrase" or "All the words"):

To apply a filter, use the button [Apply category filter] or press [Enter] on your keyboard:

To cancel the process of filtering, press the [Clear category filter] button:

To make the filter tool visible or invisible, choose the [Show/hide row filter] on the top of toolbar: