1. Category Management

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Comfortable for your customers and visitors PrestaShop category tree makes your PrestaShop Store user-friendly and tilts the balance to the advantage of your products.

Store Manager for PrestaShop allows you to specify, modify or remove PrestaShop categories and adjust all structure to meet your needs in convenient PrestaShop category management. You can browse your PrestaShop category tree as easy as you browse your folders. You can manage your PrestaShop category tree using simple drag-and-drop technology. It requires few clicks only to make changes and will simplify this time-consuming but so important operation.

Category section

To perform basic operations like add, edit or delete PrestaShop categories you can use Categories toolbar or choose the necessary action from the Categories context menu:

Categories toolbar

You can perform the following operations:

1. Refresh categories list forces categories list update. It is useful when you're changing connection or have any doubts like is the latest data displayed.

2. Add new category calls blank edit PrestaShop category form, that is used to create a new category. Edit PrestaShop category form description see below.

3. To edit category you can double click on it or use edit category button. It calls edit PrestaShop category forn for highlighted category.

4. You can delete selected category and its subcategories from your store . Pay attention that you won't be able to undo delete from store option unless you've made d-base backup.

You have to confirm this operation:

Delete category

And to select:

    • Yes - to delete the category and all its products, but for each of its subcategories it will ask you to confirm action again.
    • No - to close the window without any changes made, but for each of its subcategories, it will ask you to confirm action again.

Note: If you have products assigned to multiple PrestaShop categories they will be removed not only from selected category but from the store completely!

5. Associate with Shop(s) option you can find in the context menu of the Categories area:

Associate with Shop(s)

Assign category at least to one of the stores in the form below:

Associate with Shop(s)

The lower box allows to save the association for the products of the particular category as well (i.e. products will also be attached to the selected stores).

Apply to products checkbox

6. You can copy/paste selected category using corresponding buttons. Here you can find more details about copy-paste PrestaShop category options.

7. Export categories wizard allows you to export PrestaShop categories to the .csv file.

8. Import categories wizard allows you to import PrestaShop categories from .csv/.xls file.

9. To expand/collapse category tree uses appropriate icons

10. Assign images option helps to set the appropriate illustration to the selected category.

Assign category image option

Please note, to activate such area you need to have the FTP connection configured properly. Use the browse button to move to the Preferences form and specify the necessary settings details:

Category assign images

Take a note!

Category filter is now available in the updated version of Store Manager for Prestashop (starting from ver.2.38.0 (1857)).

Use the filter options in the upper side of the Category area.

Filter options in Category section

The text bar serves for specifying the title (letters) of the category positions need to be searched.

Take into account on the settings button next to the bar - it opens the list of conditions for the search text (the exact phrase or all the words) :

Preferences in filter

To apply the filtering use the button opposite (or use the Enter on the keyboard):

Apply filter option

To cancel process of filtering press the following option:

Clear filter option

To make visible or invisible the filter tool in the top toolbar allows the following option:

Show/hide filter option