3.17.1. Feed Generator

Feed Generator is a tool that generates feeds that can be uploaded to external resources (Amazon, Google Merchant Center).

To launch the tool, navigate to the Menu > Import/Export > Feed Generator

In the open window, you will see a list of available templates

  • Update Inventory and Price for simple products listed on Amazon

  • Update Inventory for simple products listed on Amazon US

  • Publish Raw Materials product type on Amazon US

  • Generate Google Merchant feed

New platforms will be added shortly.

The following options are available on the toolbar:

Activate — switches the slider to "ON" and makes the selected template active (you can change it).

Clone —duplicates selected template (you will need to enter a name for the cloned template).

Rename — shows a dialog window where you can enter a new name)

Delete — removes selected configuration.

Exporting Products Into a Feed

Select a template from the list and press [Next]

Note We recommend you to clone a default template and further work with the duplicate. If you edit the default template, you will override the settings and won't be able to restore them, and therefore won't be able to use original template in the future.

Specify the location to save the feed

  • Local file - select an existing document or create a new one.

  • Google Spreadsheets - add a Google Drive account, there select an existing Google sheet or create one.

Important note: If you can not find the file in the list, please type the full name to find it. It may happen with the shared files

Select the products you want to export

Select one of the options:

  • All - entire product catalog will be exported

  • Selected categories - when you switch to this option, the category tree displays, and you can check the categories to export products from.

  • Use Product Filter - select an existing product filter or create a new filter to export certain products.

Category mapping (available in the Google Merchant Center feed export)

Click browse (...) next to the store category and select a matching category in the Google Merchant Center:

Fields Mapping

This window shows a list of fields in the feed and your store fields. Required feed fields are mapped automatically. To map optional fields, click an empty row and select approptiate store field in the drop-down:

Feed Options

Check the feed options and change them if necessary.

Important for product variations!

Feed Generator wizard supports the export of variations for Google Merchant Feed as is.

Export of product variations into Amazon feed is performed by our support engineers individually. Contact us at contact@emagicone.com for assistance.

Variations export (Google Merchant Feed) - select an appropriate option:

  • Skip - variations won't be exported

  • Export variations for mapped attributes

  • Export variations as simple products

To generate the feed, press [Process].

The resulting window will show the details of the process and the path to the generated file.

Select your further action, and press [Finish] to close the window.