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fmTaxEdit fmTaxRulesEdit, fmTaxRuleEdit - Tax Edit Form

You can call Edit tax dialog by double-clicking on ones' record or using a corresponding icon on the toolbar/context menu. You can find the following edit currency dialog page:

Edit Tax form

Main Page contains general tax fields. You can set the tax rate in a drop-down.

Note: If you are creating a new tax, pay attention to fields marked with *. Those fields are required and others may be left blank or with default meanings.


To add the Taxe Rules you need to move to the right pane and press the button for editing as you can see in the screenshot below:

Add tax rules form

Make the rule enabled and visible for those stores which are checked below:

Add tax rules form edited

To be able to modify the information on the Rule follow to the area located in the right lower side of the Taxes section.

It contains the data related to the tax rules, i.e. the location which the current taxe rules are available in.

edit rule form

There are columns of rule ID, country and state information, zip code (from and to), tax value and rule description you can find in the table below:

Take into account the behavior of the rule application - can be used in combination with other taxes or just a single one. Current data can be updated in the Edit Rule form.

Press an option in the toolbar and you will see the form with the following fields:

- country - can be selected from the drop-down list;

- state - depending on the chosen location the states list will be generated automatically. Open the drop-down list to select the necessary position;

- zip code - define the zip codes (from-to) within the state where current tax rule will available.

- behavior - expand the drop-down list to choose the type you need;

- tax field shows the possible variants of taxes rates;

- description - type some details regarding on the current rule in the certain field.

Do not forget to press the 'OK' button to save updates.

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