Cloud Storages


Cloud Storages is a new section in Preferences. It is available starting from the Store Manager version

This section allows you to add your Google account, so you could connect to it and import/export data to Google Sheets with the help of Import/Export Wizard.

Press the [Add Cloud Account] button to add the necessary account.

In the window, which appears after pressing the button, specify the name of the account as you want it to be displayed in Store Manager. Press [OK] to confirm your entry. Then log in into your account - enter your Login and Password.

Go through the several steps and [Allow] Store Manager to have access to the files on your Google Drive:


This is important so Store Manager have the possibility to see, edit, create and delete Spreadsheets.

Your account is added and is ready to be used.

< - Press this button to reconnect to your account.

< - Press this button to delete current account from Store Manager.

Press [OK] to confirm the changes.

If you need any assistance, contact our Support Center and we will gladly help you.