3.10. Pack


To optimize sales at your store you can configure section "Pack". This section allows you to attach products that can be additionally sold with the main one in one order.

For current section activation select "Is Pack Product":

Choose products that are complementary to the basic selection by pressing [Add product] button. Search form helps you to find necessary positions to link.

For example, if you sell tableware sets, you can offer tablecloths or table towels that will be a perfect fit for the set.

Once the products are assigned, you can specify the quantity in the "Quantity" column.

If necessary, remove some records from a pack list by using [Delete Product] option.

Do not forget to press [Apply] button to keep your entries and to be able to see pack product's list on the front end:

Check the following informative guide about "Pack" section in Store Manager here:

Prestashop Product Packs