9.1 Catalog Price Rules


Catalog Price Rule section allows to create price promotions and add discounts to the price of your store products. If you select relevant options, you specify who will benefit from specific price rule.

In the creation form, which appears after pressing [Add Price Rule] button, you have an opportunity to set the following data:

  • "Name" - the catalog price rule name which is public.

  • "Shop". This option is available in case you have at least two stores (multiple stores).

  • "Currency". You can set the catalog price rule to be applied to the customers who use the specific currency for payment.

  • "Group". Select the relevant customer group to which the catalog price rule will be applied.

  • "Country". Choose a country of customers residence within the selected group.

  • "From quantity". Specify the minimum number of product units for which this rule will be activated. Forinstance, if you set the value "to 3", and one or two products are ordered, the discount will not be applied. For the rule to be applied you have to order at least three items of this product. Please note, the field refers to the number of units of the same product.

  • "Reduction". A discount can be expressed in monetary (certain amount of money) or percentage (percentage of the total order value) equivalent.

  • Reduction value. Depending on the type of reduction, its value can be either $5 or 5% off (i.e.reducing the price of this value).

  • Validity period. Specify the validity period of this action by filling the fields "From" and "To".

You can see the "Conditions" area below. There you can set the relevant conditions to which the category price rule applies.

Next to the each fields there is the [Add Condition] button. Once you press, the specified conditions will be applied in the left pane in "Condition Group" tab.

To fill these fields, click the browse button and choose the necessary one from the drop-down list.

You have an opportunity to set conditions that you need in one condition group.

In order to create new condition group, press [Add Condition Group] button and fill it in the same way as previous one.

To delete conditions from the condition group, select the conditions you want to erase, and then click the [Remove Condition] button

If you have an empty condition groups and want to remove them from this area, press [Clear Empty Group] in the menu

Once your catalog is complete with all conditions and groups, you can use the option on the top Catalog Price Rule toolbar. It serves to generate specific price for created catalog price rule and is called [Generate].

You have to note the following:

  • If rule has more than one condition, it will be applied to those products that meet all specified conditions.

  • If you set two or more condition groups, the catalog price rule will be activated to those items that have all conditions from any of the created condition groups.