3.7. Attachment

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If you want to add additional information about your product use Attachments option in Store Manager for PrestaShop. This information can be instruction or warranty, or information about service maintenance of the current product, etc.

To do this go to "Store" -> [Attachments] section in the top menu.

Using toolbar, click on the [Add Attachment] button. This will cause the emergence of the following form "Edit Attachment Data" (see an illustration above), where you should enter necessary information for the attachment, i.e.:

1. "Filename" field. Specify the name of attached information. It does not have to be identical with the name of the attached file.

2. "Description" - describe submitted data.

3. "File". This field is used for loading necessary file to your store.

If all data is entered and the file is uploaded, click [OK] button to add this attachment.