PrestaShop Data Scraping

Extract data from any website into PrestaShop with eScraper

Our team Grabs product descriptions, images, prices from any site and prepares each file perfectly compatible to import with the Store Manager import. We can grab data with eScraper and provide you with Import ready file or pull it to your PrestaShop store as a service.

How to scrape product data with eScraper:

  • Provide us with the site URL that you want to scrape, fields that you want to scrape (All or specific), and your specific requirements

  • We will consider all details, extract data with eScraper, and provide you with an example of the file.

  • You review the file and consider if you need this as one time or recurring service.

  • Once the service is paid, we will provide you the complete file (with all products list).

Store Manager is a Windows-based application. It helps people to manage online PrestaShop e-commerce store. This software gives quick access to online store data and automates repeated routine tasks.