3.8. Accessories


Add operation

If you sell products that can be ordered with some additional details, i.e. accessories, you can link necessary offers to the main items by using the lower menu.

Choose "Accessories" position and press the button [Add Accessory] to add a record to a current list.

"Product Search" form will open, where you can filter and find products that will serve as accessories to a basic product on the front end.

Press [Add and Close] button below and you will see the accessories list updated.

To remove any record use the following option on the toolbar:

In addition, if selected product positions in the current form have similar roles and features, for example, "tableware -> table set -> napkins" etc., you can establish connection between them by pressing [Create Relation(s)] on the toolbar.

On the front end the list of accessories will be viewed and ordered under the main product details:

Export products with accessories

On the "Export Options" step choose a necessary identifier by which Store Manager will recognize accessories of the product during exporting.

Please make sure that you selected Product Accessories field during export

After exporting you will get the file with accessories in a separate columns:

Import products with accessories

By passing through the import product steps take into account the assignment page. Be sure you selected correct identifier for accessories data - the parameter by which Store Manager will identify this data while importing. This can be one of the following variants: reference or EAN13 depending on which is used in the import file.

Do not forget to link accessories columns with the relevant fields of the store database. This is the main condition for data to be imported.

Move on to the "Import Options" step where is the field related to the import data with accessories.

This option allows replacing existing accessories on a new records from a file by removing the first ones from Accessories list.

If you leave this field unselected, accessories will be added to the previously created and assigned data of the store.

Check the following article to get more information on the creation and use of accessories in the Store Manager for PrestaShop:

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