9.3. Contacts

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fmContacts , fmQuickSendMessageDlg - Contacts Section

Contacts section allows you to keep and manage important contacts, e.g., customer service, point of sales etc.

Basic operations

From the contacts toolbar and context menu, you can perform the following basic operations:

1. [Refresh] data forces contacts list update. It is useful when you're changing connection or have any doubts in the latest data displayed.

2. [Add Contact] calls blank "Edit Contact" form, which is used to create a new contact. In this form, you should fill the following fields:

The first two fields are mandatory and the description filed should contain basic information about the contact. Use HTML editor for data specifying.

3. To edit contact you can double-click it or use [Edit Contact] button. It calls "Edit Contact" form for the contact you've selected. Please see below for options.

4. You can [Delete Contact(s)] from your store . You won't be able to undo delete from store option, unless you've made a database backup.

5. To save all your taxes data in excel or HTML use the Export to Excel/HTML drop-down menu.

6. You can send email message to one or more customers at once, using email template. To do that, click the [Send Email] button in the context menu: