4. Customers and Orders

fmCustomers - Customers and Orders

Let's review the most important aspects of PrestaShop Orders and Customers Management (see subpages for details):

PrestaShop customers and orders management with Store Manager for PrestaShop is very simple. You have all tools necessary for adding PrestaShop customers and groups; also you have no limitations of the number of PrestaShop customers, orders and addressed.

All important information about PrestaShop customers and customer groups, orders, carts, addresses etc, is displayed here.

For each customer, except the basic data, there is the column where you can see the total amount of orders, called "Sales":

Also, you can use "Filter by Period" and "Filter by Product" to simplify customers and orders management.

You can filter customers not only by the specific period, but also by a separate store.

In the "Select Shop" field among the available ones from the drop-down list, select the store you need, specify the period of filtration and press [Apply] button.