Product Combinations


Starting from the 3.21 version we added the possibility to generate a grid based on selected attributes. You can  find the Products Combinations tab, go to Catalog section

Product Combinations tab allows filtering products by attributes values. You can select the Attribute Group and then  simply filter the products by specific values

In the toolbar menu you can refresh the Grid, Select the Attribute Group or Assign the Image

Refresh button

Select Attribute Group

Select Attribute Group button opens the new form that allows to add the additional attributes by checking/unchecking the needed group

Assign Image

Assign Image button opens the window that allows assigning a combination Images

You can also sort the attributes that are selected or move them to change the columns order

Now  you can sort products by the specific Attribute value - just select the needed values and check the result

For example, we filtered products by attribute value 128

You can also edit the values in the Grid - simply step on the needed products and edit the value. For example, we can update the quantity