Export Items With Multi-Variations (Combinations) on eBay (BETA)

Starting from the latest released version of Store Manager for PrestaShop (BETA) - ver. (Beta) - the products with combinations (multi-variations) can be exported to eBay.

Currently, it applies to products linked to the following eBay categories as Clothing, Shoes & Accessories, Crafts, Sporting Goods, Sports Mem, Cards & Fan Shop, Gift Cards & Coupons, Health & Beauty, Baby, Pet Supplies, Jewelry & Watches and most Home & Garden categories etc.

Note, you can find the full list of categories by clicking the link .

Let's select some product from the test store which has combinations with color and size attributes, i.e.:

Printed dress with combinations

With the right-click or in "Addon" section’s top menu, choose and launch eBay export wizard - [eBay Integration]:

eBay export options

Login to your eBay account on the “Select General Options” step and choose eBay site on which you have product listing.

Select General Options step

There is an ability to set condition of an item, which is exporting, from the proposed variants in the drop-down list on the second step.

Select items specifics step

"Items Specifics" pane covers some data for the linked eBay category, which need to be filled (especially take into account the fields with asterisks - they are mandatory).

Using the option -

Item Specifics from the store database
Specify item from eBay option

- you can pull data directly from eBay, or use the field from the store database by pressing -

Items specifics option

In case some additional specifics, which are not listed in the right pane, need to be added, press the option in the top right corner and specify name and specifics value.

These details will be shown on eBay product page in a separate informational box:

Items specifics on eBay

You shall emphasis on selecting price type - fixed or auction when you reach the step "eBay Listing Options".

eBay Listing Options tabs

The online auction price is established for products without variations and they will be exported as the simple ones without combinations.

The second type - fixed - allows to set price for the main product and each combination differently.

Fixed price should be chosen during exporting items with multi-selections. Switching on each tab, fill in the required fields to proceed with exporting.

Select product price type

Switching on each tab, fill in the required fields to proceed with exporting.

On the preview export data step press [Export] button to start transferring. The last window displays the summary results of the process with the direct link to the product on eBay.

Summary step of exporting on eBay

Click it and see the exported products with combinations on the eBay site:

Exported product on eBay