Edit Manufacturer



Edit Manufacturer Form

To create a new manufacturer in PrestaShop store or edit an existing one, proceed through several steps:

1. Click on create new or edit manufacturer icon.

Add Manufacturer

2. In the edit manufacturer form specify the following data:

  • Name - is the only required field here. The rest will be either set automatically or may be left empty/default
  • Short description and Full Description - may be added the way it will be shown at your store
  • Raw HTML edit mode - allows you to edit raw html text, which gives you precise control over the tags used in the page
  • Edit HTML - allows you to edit descriptions using HTML editor. Click here to find more details about HTML Editor options
  • Meta Tags - specify meta information
  • Shop Association area serves for assignment manufacturer to the appropriate store (in case multiple stores management)
  • Language page(s) - specify name, description and meta data for additional languages
Edit Manufacturer Data