2.1. Add/Edit Category

fmCategoryEdit - Edit Categoty Form

This section shows you how to create or edit PrestaShop category.

To create a new PrestaShop category or edit an existing one, follow these steps:

  1. Click [Add new category] or [Edit current category]:

In the "Edit Category" form specify the following data:

    1. "Displayed". Select if PrestaShop category and its products are available at your store.

    2. "Category ID" is for internal use only. ID is a unique category identification that cannot be edited.

    3. "Parent Category". Select parent category from a drop-down list. To create PrestaShop Root/Main/Parent Category leave this field blank.

    4. "Name *". Specify PrestaShop category name as it will appear on the front-end.

    5. "Description". Specify PrestaShop category product descriptions exactly the way it's going to appear on product's page.

    6. "Meta Keywords" and "Meta Description". Specify meta information for the PrestaShop category.

In "Association" tab you have an opportunity to choose the store in which this category will be available and visible. Check necessary one(s).

2. "Additional fields" tab allows you to manage your additional fields, namely shop_id, category position etc.

3. Click [OK] to save this entry and to create PrestaShop category, or click [Cancel] to discard this entry.

Check PrestaShop Category Management section to find more about category editing.