1. Edit Product Form

fmProductEdit - Edit Product Form.

Edit PrestaShop Product Form has the following tabs:

Product Info tab

The 'Product Info' tab contains general information. If you create a new PrestaShop Product, pay attention to fields marked with *, they are Required. Others may be left blank or with default meanings.

Product main tab consists of two sections:

- main product details - name, reference, status, parameters (weight, height etc) and others;

- the price details - the price value with and without taxes

  • Status - Disable if you wish to prevent this product from being displayed
  • Name * - Write it the way you want them to appear on the store
  • EAN13 - European standard for bar-code
  • UPC - bar code consisting of 12 characters and widely used in such countries as United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand for identification and monitoring of trade items in shops. Please note, the fields with EAN and UPC code should be only numeric - no letters are accepted. In such cases you will receive the following message:

Edit product form - EAN. UPC fields requirements
    • Reference and Supplier Reference - product code, suppliers marking code.
    • Manufacturer and Supplier - Select from the drop-down. In order to create new, please go to Manufacturers or Suppliers Section.

If you only know the retail price, but not the pre-tax price, simply fill in the Retail price with tax field and the Pre-tax retail price will be calculated automatically using the tax displayed in the Tax drop-down list.

You can plan a reduced price for a specific period of time, e.g., -15% for a one-week period.

Price area

Note, from the updated released version of Store Manager ( 2.27.0 (Build:1544)) in the Edit Product Form you are able to configure a separate product visibility. Uncheck the 'Status' field and you will see the redirect conditions for

the appropriate product position.

Status field

Let see each of them:

1) 301: Redirect permanently - such condition means the current product will be unavailable on the Front-End on a regular basis and when you are pressing on the option 'View Product page' via context menu of Store Manager it is

automatically redirected to the page of another one, selected on the 'Related product' field.

Redirect permanently status

2) 302: Redirect temporarily - allows configuring product availability on the store Product page with the redirection to the other one position provisionally (on the temporary basis).

Redirect temporarily

3) 404: No redirect - selected position makes product disable on the Product page without any redirection.

No redirect status

Quantities tab

In the Quantity field, leave the number at 1 if you will be creating models of this PrestaShop product using Attributes. You will be adding the quantity of each model at that time.

This section is devoted to the quantitative values of the product - you can specify the amount of product availability, put a tick in the appropriate fields and thus allow or deny the sale of this product when it is out of stock.

Quantities tab

At the bottom of the tab window you can specify the following data:

- The minimum quantity of product - the number, which can be at least ordered by the customer to make a purchase. Let's assume, the minimum units, which you set is 3. If the customer wants to make the purchase and click on the option 'Add to cart' at your store marketplace - the minimum quantity (i.e. 3 units) will be added to his cart automatically.

- In-stock text - displays the text when the product became available. You can create the specific message about product availability. It will be displayed on the store front-end in the product page.

- Back-ordered text - provided when the 'backordering' is allowed. In case the customer placed an order for a certain product but it is not in the stock at the current time, you can create the message which will inform him that the product is out of stock but can be back-ordered.

If you want to link the amount of product with the stock availability (i.e. the total value of product quantity will combine with the stock quantity) and need to mark the appropriate checkbox in the edit form.

Available quantity for sale

The following positions allow to choose the method of quantity formatting:

- the first position links products availability with the warehouse stock

Quantity with stock warehouse

- the second position allows setting product quantity manually.

Specify quantity manually

Category tab

PrestaShop Category tab allows you to assign a PrestaShop product to any main category and to multiple additional categories.

Category tab

Language tab

Current tab allows you to add or edit the short / main description and the Meta data of the product. It is associated with the default language of the store.

English tab

In case you have a multilingual store - you will see tabs for each language separately:

French tab

Tags - keywords or set of the words that are used to facilitate search process of the desired products by customers. You can add multiple tags to the one product by which it can be found.

Meta tags fields

In 'Meta title' and 'Meta description' fields you can see the number of characters allowed for such fields. If the characters exceed the limit, you will see the numbers in the red:

Exceed limit in red

We recommend not exceed the permitted number of the characters.

Association tab (will be available in case the multi-stores)

Helps to assign the product to the appropriate store. Just check the necessary checkbox opposite the store you want the product will be associated with:

Association tab

Take a note, any changes you have performed to the selected product will be reflected in all associated there stores.

Attachments tab

If you have some additional information on product - it may be some additional product information, operating manual etc. - you can attach it to the selected position and the extra information will be displayed on the

Product Page at the store. To perform this, upload, firstly, additional details in Attachments section of Store Manager.

Show attachments

Then, by suing the Edit Product form assign available attachment(s) to the product:

Attachments tab

Additional Fields tab

This tab allows managing some extra product fields. You can specify your own values in the appropriate columns below or leave them without changes.

Additional field tab