2.2. Copy/Paste Category

fmCategoryCopyMethod, fmCategoryPasteMethod - Copy/Paste Category

To Copy/paste PrestaShop category(ies) use toolbar menu or context menu.

Also, these operations can be performed with more than one category at once.

To Copy/Paste category (ies) follow few steps below:

1. Copy selected category(ies) and select fields you wish to copy via clipboard:

2. Go to the category you need. When you paste category(ies), you're creating the new ones with the new ID number.

When you paste the following form appears:

You have to choose whether to:

  • Paste category(ies) to the root category

  • Paste Category(ies) to the selected category (highlight category you wish to paste to before you press paste button).

You can use this option to copy PrestaShop category(ies) with products from one store and to paste it to another one using "Quick Connection Switch".

Please note: this functionality was available only for stores based on PrestaShop ver. 1.4.x and lower. Newer PrestaShop versions have more enhanced database structure. Due to this fact, categories cannot be copied within stores using "Quick Connection Switch".

Check PrestaShop Category Management section to find more about category editing.