1.5 Connect via Connector Module


To connect to a cloud-based store, use Bridge Connector Module. Check the installation instructions for the Bridge Connector Module below.

After the module is installed and configured in the back-end office, you can proceed with the Connection Wizard steps in Store Manager.

Connector Module allows working with databases through the module. To begin working with the online store, you need to install our module (Connector) in your Admin panel (back-end)


  • Safe connection - all queries go through the module of the online store.

  • Easy installation.


  • This type of connection requires a powerful server for increasing the speed of request processing.

  • You have to perform the Get/Post operations in Store Manager to synchronize data with the online store.

We strongly recommend updating the Bridge Connector module to the latest version to get access to the latest enhancements. You can download the newest version via this link.

Module Uploading and Installation

For 1.7.x versions of PrestaShop stores

There are two ways to install the bridge file.

Install Bridge Connector Module from PrestaShop Marketplace

  • Log into your PrestaShop back office.

  • Go to the Module Catalog section and log into your Marketplace account.

  • Find Bridge Connector via the search line.

  • Press [Install] and wait till the end of the installation.

  • The bridge connector is successfully installed in your back-end office.

Download Bridge Connector Module from eMagicOne website

1. Download a package with the module installation file:

2. Log into your PrestaShop back office.

3. In the Dashboard, find the "Improve" sector and open the Modules - > Modules and Services. Press [Upload Module] to start the installation process.

4. Select previously downloaded file from a link package for uploading:

5. You should get the message about its successful installation:

6. Next step is configuring the Store Manager for PrestaShop Bridge Connector settings. Then change default credentials for security reasons. Click on the [Configure] button (see an illustration above) to open the form:

Press [Save] at the bottom to keep your entries.

6. The bridge connector module is successfully installed in your back-office.


See the following presentation with the steps of PrestaShop Store Manager Bridge Connector Module installation for the stores based on 1.7.x versions of PrestaShop.

Module Installation for 1.7.x ver. (GIF)

For 1.6.x versions of PrestaShop stores

  1. Press the button to download the module installation file:

2. Log into your Admin Panel and find the "Modules and Services" in the back-end Dashboard. Press [Add a new module]:

3. Choose a file in .zip format, which was previously saved on the computer, and press [Upload this module] button to start the process:

4. The module is downloaded and need to be installed now. To perform this, press the button next to the module's sign:


At the present time the following warning-message appears before proceeding with the module installation:

Press [Continue installing] and proceed with the Prestashop Store Manager Bridge Connector Module installation.

In case you have faced with any difficulties, we will be gladly help you to configure connection with your store from our side. Contact with our support center to get necessary assistance and help.

5. The installation is completed. You will see the Configuration module's page with the default settings data that can be changed (modified) and saved.


The following presentation shows dynamically how to perform the Module installation in the store (s) based on 1.6.x versions of Prestashop:

Module Installation for 1.6.x versions (GIF)

Connect the store with Store Manager via Bridge Connector module

To be able to connect with your store, also based on Cloud Prestashop platform, adhere to the following actions:

1. Open the Preferences of Store Manager -> Database Connection section.

2. Select "Bridge Connector" from the list and specify your online store address, login and password (use the same settings details, which are specified in the configuration area of Bridge Connector module (see the previous paragraph).

[Test Connection] button helps to verify the correctness of specified settings data and configure connection.

Connection Wizard for Cloud-Based Store

In case you want to configure connection to your Store automatically,-press [Connection Wizard] button.

1. Choose the relevant action to proceed with the configuration:

2. Specify setting details on the next step:

Use Bridge Connector Module's settings credentials to fill the fields and setup connection with your store.

Please note, these data is the same as at your admin access details of module configuration page.

To verify the correctness of the specified settings details, press the [Test Connection] button. You should get the following message:

[Next] button leads to the final step of configuration process.

You can press [Finish] to close the wizard and connect to your store now.

Module Upgrade

In case you are using the outdated version of the module and its version needs to be updated, take into account some specification on Module Upgrading procedure from the Admin Panel, represented below.

Important information!

If you press [Upgrade] button within the Bridge Connector position you can see the error message, like in the illustration below:

Error message during upgrading

To be able to continue to use the module with the latest version, we recommend you to follow to this direct link with the up-to-date module installation package, which should be uploaded to your computer.

Then press [Upload a Module] in the upper side of the window to drop or select module archive in the Modules list.

'Upload a module' button

You will get the message about successful module's installation:

Upload module message

Now the module version is updated.

Bridge Connector updated version

If you have questions concerning connection via Bridge Connector Module or its update, please contact us and we will gladly assist you!