2.20. Downloadable Products

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To be able to use this type of product in the store, make sure you have configured FTP connection!

Set FTP connection

Make the Product Downloadable

Press button [Test Connection] to verify wether its connect in Preferences of Store Manager:

Test FTP Connection option

Now you can use the downloadable product.

To make an existing item downloadable activate the proper tab in the Lower Products Grid.

Downloadable tab in the Lower Products Grid

Check the condition that allows converting the selected product to a virtual - the one, which can be immediately downloaded by the customer from your store's site after paying its cost.

This includes audio books, services and other media files or documents.

Virtual Product

If you need to attach a file to the current downloadable product, it is possible to perform this after selecting the check-box shown below:

Does this product have an associated file field

It activates the fields that need to be filled, i.e.:

  • Specify the file path for downloadable product:
Display filename

Open the drive system with the browser button and find the place you need.

  • The filename field will be automatically filled based on the filename from the upper field. You can change it on your own as well (see an illustration above).
Number of downloads checkbox
  • Set the number of downloads available for customers.

Use the up-and-down arrows to specify the necessary value.

  • "Expiration date". Set the time period when the file will be available for downloadng. If you leave this field blank, the relevant downloadable product will be available without time limitation.
Expiration Date field
  • "Nnumber of days" - how many days this file can be downloaded by the customer. If you keep this field unchanged (with zero as a default value) you will have unlimited access to the file.
Number of days field

You can set the duration of the downloadable file by using one of these fields. Specify the date by using the drop-down calendar or indicate the number of days by using the field below.

Do not forget to press [Apply Changes] in the top toolbar of the form to save your settings:

Apply changes button

[Delete] button clears the form and removes the record from the downloadable product list. [Refresh] button updates the form’s content.

Delete button

Export Downloadable Products

To export products selected on the Products page use the Context menu, where you can find the necessary operation:

Export selected product option

The Export Wizard will open the page to file selection. Use the browse option to facilitate the process:

Select file step

Indicate which field will be taken as an identifier for product accessories on the next step.

Export Options

Choose the options you want to use for export:

  • "Export full category path". Select this option to get the expand category path to the exported product. If you leave this field unchecked the categories path will not be exported.
  • "Export parent details". Transfer data related to the product variants (combinations) or specific prices etc.

The next step is an important stage of the export process. Do not forget to select "Downloadable Files" tab and check the fields that are required for downloadable product exporting:

Downloadable files tab
  • The upper field allows to form and transfer the full URL path of the downloading to the export file.
  • The lower field places downloadable file into the specified directory (the default local path will automatically appear in the current field but you can change it by using the browse option nearby (see an illustration above).
Browse button in downloadable tab

On the next step select the fields which need to be exported. Use the grouped data related to the downloadable products that have already formed and placed in the drop-down group list. After doing this, the necessary fields will be automatically dropped to the right pane. We recommended to choose the "Product fields" group, in addition, to be able to export data with all parent details correctly.

Add Group of Fields to Export

Move to the next step to continue. The data ready for export displays in the "Preview Export Data" step. Press [Export] to start the process.

The export is completed once you will see the summary results in the "Finish" window:

Finish export step

Import Downloadable Product

Launch the Import Products Wizard by using the top menu of the Store Manager or the upper toolbar in the Products page:

Import Products Wizard

Welcome to Products Import/Export Wizard

Press the button related to the import products process on the Welcome page.

Select import process

Select File

Upload the file specifying the full path to the data. Use the browse button to find the necessary location.

Import downloadable select file

Or use the checkbox below that opens the form for necessary FTP data or HTTP URL path to a file:


Select Fields Delimiter and Quote Character

On the next step of import do not forget to select the tab related to the Downloadable Files settings below. Select the checkbox to allow importing this type of products.

downloadable files tab

"Default path" shows the location of the downloadable files. It will be formed automatically or can be changed. To do so press the browse button.

Import downloadable files browse button

Base Formats and Separators

On the next step you may check or change the main date and time separators.

Base formats and Separators

Assign .csv Columns to Database Fields

On this step you may assign the fields to export with the relevant columns in a file.

Assign columns to Database fields

Make sure all necessary positions are assigned before proceed, because only the linked fields will be imported.

Preview Import Data

Move to the preview step to see the chosen data prepared to transfer:

Preview import data

Import Options

Indicate what method of import will be considered during the data transferring:

Import options

To see the import results we recommend to create the file for logs of the import. You can specify the location of this file with the browse button.

Create Log File

Press [Import] to start the process.