Email Settings


Set up mail server parameters to send emails directly from Store Manager for Prestashop.

Simple Settings

Input your email address and password, then press [Send Test Mail]. Store Manager will try to detect email settings automatically.

If Store Manager is unable to detect email settings, you will receive the following message:

Advanced SMTP Settings

When you switch to the advanced mode, there appear more fields.

For the details like SMTP server name, SMTP user and password, etc. contact your hosting provider / internet service provider / system administrator / email provider.

Make sure to input exactly those details that they provided.

Send email from (default) - enter an address from which emails will be sent.

SMTP server - enter your SMTP server name.

SMTP connection security - in the drop-down, select STARTTLS or SSL/TLS:

SMTP Server Port - 25 or 587 by default.

Use SMTP Authentication - if you check it, input below:

      • SMTP user

      • SMTP password (your email password)

Require Secure Authentication - check it if recommended by your host.

The following fields : Connection timeout (seconds), Mail Send Delay (minutes), Number of attempts to send, Keep mail (days) have recommended values by default. You can change them if needed.

If you are using Gmail, a Google email service, you might enter the following information:

  • SMTP server:

  • Encryption: SSL

  • Port: 465

Send test email to - specify the address to send an email to.

Click [OK] to save your entries.

Press [Send Test Email] to check SMTP settings.