8.1. Edit Attribute


To create a new attribute in the PrestaShop store or edit an existing one you should, first of all, go to Catalog -> Attributes & Groups section.

In order to do that, click on [Add Attribute] in the top toolbar to create a new option and fill the form below:

or press [Edit Attribute] button. The following form will appear:

There you can edit attribute data and specify the name of the attribute. You can also change a position number of an attribute and assign it to a particular store (stores).

Take into account, for Color attributes the images can be assigned in the pane "Texture". It concerns the attributes of the "Color" group.

Press the browse button in the "Edit Attribute" form:

To simplify this process use 'drag-and-drop' method and upload the necessary image to the "Texture" pane of the lower menu bar or in the "Edit" form as well.