4.3.2. Export Orders


1. To start export pf PrestaShop orders you need to select "Export Orders" wizard tool on the "Orders" page:

2. Store Manager can export orders from PrestaShop to .csv file. You should enter the file name or select (browse [...] ) one to be replaced.

You can also load or save export settings (configuration) there:

To place exported data on FTP server, select the field below and fill the form with necessary FTP details. Specify the directory where the data will be transferred to.

3. Select positions you want to use in exporting from the proposed options:

4. Fields Delimiter page has some important settings. Check them to ensure proper configuration.

  • The first option is delimiter character. Most popular delimiters are the comma (,), semicolon (;) and tab character ( ), however, other symbols can be used, as well. The export file is usually generated for further import.

If the incorrect delimiter is specified during import, the file will not be parsed properly and customers will not be imported.

  • The second option is "Quote string values". It is used to separate strings in CSV file.

5. "Select Fields to be Exported" step contains fields in the left pane that can be selected and moved to the right pane, that is the area with data to export.

All available fields that can be exported are listed in the left pane. Select fields you want to be exported and click button to move them to the right pane.

If you'd like to export all fields simply press this button.

There are also groups of fields related to the particular order details. These fields help to automatically transfer necessary data sets of the order information to the right at once:

To customize the data, which is exporting, use the Expression formula. Press the [Add Expression Field] in the top and specify necessary value in the "Expression Editor" form.

If you want to see the column title in the first row of the exported file, make sure the corresponding option is selected:

Attention! When you press [Export] button, export process will start!

6. Final step of the export

Choose what action to perform after saving export data:

  • Use the "None" option and the Wizard will be automatically closed.

  • If you wish to open a directory containing the result file, select the corresponding option.

  • "Open result file" option allows you to see the export file opened in Excel.

Also, you can [Save Export Settings] for future in the Wizard directly or to a separate file as in the illustration below:

To delete selected configuration from a wizard list use the option for removal:

Now PrestaShop orders export is completed.