3.21. Product Picker Tool


Product Picker tool helps you easily update physical stock in your shop. You can search for the products in the database by reading a barcode with a scanner or by entering product details manually in the search field.

To launch the tool, open Store Manager and navigate to the sidebar>Catalog>Product Picker:

Quick Add Product

You can add a product to the list either by scanning its barcode or by entering the product’s identifier (EAN13 code, UPC, Product ID) manually.

Press “Enter” to see matching products and click the product to add it to the list:

Expand the drop-down to change the fields to search in for a product:

The result field contains the following columns: Image, Product info, Quantity.

After you picked the product, the “Quantity” column with have the “1” value. Press “Enter” to make the number editable. Then input a new value or use “+” and “-” keys to set the quantity.

Next, select an action:

  • Add to Stock – add inputted value to stock

  • Subtract from Stock – subtract inputted value from stock

  • Set Quantity – set inputted value as product quantity

Confirm your action:


Every time you launch the Product Picker tool, it creates a new list. Lists are displayed in the right pane of the window under "History".

Lists serve for storing the history of product which were updated on some occasion: new arrival, stock count, etc.

You can perform the following actions with lists: filter, activate, add new, remove, and rename.

To filter lists, enter the name of the list (full or a part of it), then press [Enter] or click the filter icon. To reset the filter, press [Esc] on the keyboard, or delete the search text and press [Enter] .

To activate the list, double click it or click "Activate" on the toolbar or context menu.

To add new list, click [+New] on the toolbar or context menu.

To delete a list, click "Remove" on the toolbar or context menu.

To rename a list, click "Rename" on the context menu.

Scanner Settings

They define how product search functions.

Handle as a keyboard – a scanned code will be read and imputed in the Product Picker search field like in the screenshot below:

Handle as a barcode scanner – a scanned code will be processed and the product will be automatically added to the current list as in the screenshot below.

If the product had been added earlier, its quantity will be increased by 1.