2.1 Update Combinations Wizard




Update Combinations wizard

In case you have the products with the combinations at your store and need to update their details there is a possibility to use a special separate Wizard which is available in the newest released version of Store Manager for Prestashop ( i.e. starting from ver. 2.46.0:2053) and called 'Update Combinations'. You can find it in the top menu of the program inside the Tools section from the Import/Export actions list:

Update Combinations Wizard

The Wizard consist of the following steps:

Select file

You should specify the source with the data to update by selecting one of the possible variants:

- the file is located locally.

Indicate the path to that file at your computer.

Upload file locally

- if the data is on the external server.

You should specify the full URL path to be able to proceed.


Make sure you have an access to the server and the data in it - type the URL path in the browser - it must be openable and accessible.

- the data is on the FTP server.

Fill the form with the FTP settings details and specify the full path to the file as well.

Take into account, next option (1) launches the file uploading process (2):

File uploading

And you will be automatically redirected to the next step with the main values separators and delimiters.

Select Fields Delimiter and Quote Cheracter

Leave the settings as they are or in case your file to import has some specific delimiter indicate it in the appropriate fields.

Select fields delimiter and quote character

Click on the button to move to the next stage.

Base Formats and Separators

The current settings will effect on the import data, i.e. values and numbers. We recommend to leave the default parameters - press an option to the right.

Set Default button

Assign .csv Columns to Database Fields

The assignment step serves for linking the columns which you want to update with the appropriate fields of the store database.

Important, to run update correctly - specify an identifier in the upper field to allow the combinations which are processing will be recognized by the appropriate parameter.

Identify combinations by field

Note, select the value that is used at your store and can be easily identified by the program.

Activate the drop-down list opposite each position on the left table to choose the necessary variant for assignment:

Drop-down linking step

Or press the 'Auto Fill' button and program will link the analogical fields itself:

Auto Fill button

To modify the data after update you can insert the custom formula by using the Expression Editor form.

Select the field and click inside the Expression column area to enable the Editor option:

Activate Editor form

Preview Import Data

The preview step shows the data prepared for update. The field below allows starting process from the specified row of a file:

Start import form row

Import options

Before run updating choose the store(s) which the changes will be reflected in. The appropriate check-boxes you can see on the penultimate step.

Shop accosiations

To monitor the process, you are able to specify the path to the log file in the field below:

Create log file

In addition, we recommend to save the current configuration in order to use similar settings during the next update process:

- to the wizard:

Save configuration to wizard

- to a separate file:

Save settings to a file

Click on the sign to start the update operation:

'Import' button

Once it is completed, you will see the result in a separate window:

Import Results

Import Results

Exit from the wizard by clicking on the ‘Finish’ option and check how the updated data are reflected at your store.

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