How to display custom fields in different languages for a multilingual store


In order to add the custom information to multiple products use the Product Customization Generator which is available in the top toolbar and context menu as well.

Please note, it will be activated only if two or more product positions are selected on the Products page of Store Manager.

a) Product Customizations Generator in the context menu:

Product Customization Generator in Context Menu

b) Product Customizations Generator in the top toolbar:

Product Customization Generator in top toolbar

Let's consider the example of some products in our test multilingual store to which we try to apply the necessary customization. Select positions and activate context menu to launch the Generator of Product Customizations

(as in the illustration above). In the form you can specify the number of text and file fields you want to add. To make them available - press the 'Apply' option opposite.

Press 'Apply' button

The custom fields are displayed in the appropriate pane below:

    • The left pane - for files fields and the right pane - for text fields in accordance.

In our example there are three additional text fields in the right which we can name in the following manner:

English tab

Mark as a mandatory the ‘email’ field and the customers will be forced to fill this field to move forward. After pressing ‘OK’ button the custom fields will be assigned to the appropriate selected positions.

In order for customized fields to be tightened their values depending on the store view selected on the front end, you need to specify their values in each language tab separately. Thus, the current custom fields will have the following form:

    • For the Russian language tab :
Russian tab
    • French language tab
French tab
    • For Spanish language tab:
For Spanish language
    • For German language tab:
For German tab

Then, press ‘OK’ to complete the customization.

Use the right-mouse clicking on the position you want to see at the product page of the Front-End and choose the option to display:

View Product Page

The fields in the lower area ‘Customization’ will change their values depending on the language selected above:

View custom fields in Front-End