Store Manager Addons/Plugins


The Addons section allows you to register, purchase, and download addon files.

Note: Addons are built-in Store Manager. Therefore you need Store Manager application to be installed to use any of the addons.

Each addon requires a separate license (except for free addons).

Column description

1. Addon's name (title) of the addon.

2. Addon status (Registered, Unregistered, Verifying).

3. Opens the online guide with the basic information about the current addon.

4. Provides the link to the online store, where selected addon can be ordered.

5. Downloads extension on the computer from the direct link.

6. Shows the settings page for the particular plugin. It is available only for ICEcat Integration addon of Store Manager.

Important note: To start using any of the addons you have to order the Primary license of Store Manager for PrestaShop Professional/Standard Edition.