1.2 Virtual Products

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Virtual Products are not touchable products such as an insurance, a reservation, service maintenance, software, guarantee etc. You can add virtual products to your store, import them from files of csv, xml, txt, ods, xls, xlsx

formats and export to separate CSV file via new possibilities of Store Manager for Prestashop.

Basic operations

To add the virtual product you should press 'Add Product' in the Product's toolbar and open 'Edit Product Data' form.

Enter the basic information about the newly created product: name, price, quantity, description and so on.

Check the field at the bottom of the form - Virtual Product' and press 'OK' button.

After product identification as a virtual you are able to specify the associated file location on the current product - check the checkbox which activated the following fields below:

Associated file fields

- select file - find the file which are related to the virtual position, to facilitate the process use the browse button opposite;

- display filename - the name will be automatically pulled from the file-path indicated above. You can change or modify the current field before saving.

In your product list appears a new one which in the column 'Is virtual' will have the appropriate check mark.

You can filter your virtual products, checking the appropriate field in the data grid:

You are able to clear your virtual product's data, noticing the relevant condition from the list of possible actions, that appears after clicking on a 'Clear Product Data' button (see picture below):

Clear virtual product data

To be able to see this form use the context menu after product selection:

Clear product details

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