3.6. Tags


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How to Import Tags for Multilingual Store

Product tags are keywords, which reflect products belonging to one or another type. [Tags] section in Store Manager is designed to help clients to group products and make it easier to find the required items.

You can find Tags option in Store tab of Store Manager's top menu. It is represented as a table with the list of existing tags, ID number of each one, language column and the number of products that present tags have been applied.

For example, choose the tag with ID 63 - "Accessories" and the number of products, which has been applied to as 330.

Double click on to call "Edit tag data" form. There are six products in the list below.

But since these products are repeated, in fact, the current tag has been applied to two products: iPod nano and iPod shuffle.

Using toolbar, you can perform the following steps:

1. Create a new tag, using [Add Tag] button.

In the form that appeared you should specify the tag's name, select language, and add products, which are attached to the present tag.

For example, create a new tag called "Phones", then add items, which are associated with this value, by pressing [Add Product].

You can select the necessary positions in the "Product Search" form and press [Add and Close] button:

You will get the list with products that this tag will be applied to.

Click [OK] to save changes.

2. Edit the existing tag. To do so press [Edit Tag] button:

In the form of editing you can rename selected tag, choose another language and remove or add products, that are relevant to it.

3. Remove tags from the list of existing ones. To do this highlight necessary tags and then click [Delete] button.

4. [Export] the list of tags to a separate .xls file or as an HTML document.

5. You can use the [Refresh] button if you are not sure whether recent changes are displayed.

Check the following guide about the assignment of the multiple tags:

How to Bulk Add PrestaShop Product Tags