If your native language is not English, you can set your own language interface by using the "Localization" section in Store Manager.

Under Localization, you will find a list of available languages, English being active by default.

Next to each language, there is an icon to download and install a relevant language package.

Also, you can see what percent of the interface has been translated.

If the translation ratio is lower than 100 percent, the information icon is displayed. Upon clicking it, you will be redirected to a page of the translation project for the selected language.

Find more details on how you can contribute to the translation of a certain language.

To set a language as active and get all Store Manager interface displayed in this language, press [Activate Selected Language] at the bottom right.

Click [OK] to exit the "Localization" form and update the program interface.

Choose [Cancel] to discard your choice.