2.2. Copy, Paste and Clone Products

fmProductsCopyProperties, fmCopyOptions

To copy/paste PrestaShop categories with PrestaShop subcategories or PrestaShop products you can use toolbar menu. Also these operations can be performed with more than one category at once.

Copy, paste and clone products options

To Copy/Paste PrestaShop Product(s) follow few steps below:

  1. Select one or multiple products in the PrestaShop product grid

2. Copy selected PrestaShop product and go to the category you need. Use [Copy] button to check necessary data you want to copy in the form below:

Copy Options form

3. Paste products to create duplicates. When you're pasting a product, you're creating a new one with the new ID number.

Clone PrestaShop Products option is actually like a combination of [Copy] and [Paste] buttons. It copies selected product and places it in the same category with the new ID number at the end of product's name.

This way is easier and faster than copy/paste.

To Copy/Paste category(ies) follow steps below:

  1. Select one or multiple products in the PrestaShop product grid.
Copy Categories to Clipboard

2. Use Clone button to duplicate selected PrestaShop products:

Clone Selected Products button

And then indicate the product's data you want to duplicate at your store - check the check-boxes in a list:

Copy/clone form

It is similar to product details copying. Press [OK] button to fix your choice.

You will see the progressive bar which pop-ups right after clicking [OK]:

Copying data progress box

Identical product will be added to the Products list once cloning is completed.