Upload Images from External URLs while Import?


You are able to upload images for the store's products by using the Import Wizard. Before starting be sure the FTP connection is configured properly in Store Manager.

Go to Settings->Preferences->FTP section and check the specified credentials pressing the option for verification. You should receive confirmation of a successful FTP connection in the popup message:

Now, you can launch the Wizard of Products Import:

1. You have prepared .CSV or .txt file where you have column with correct Image URLs for each Product and you have Images with Identical names with Images in folder on your PC.

2. On the Select Fields Delimiter and Quote Characters step you have to check Upload Images function and specify the path to the folder, which serves for uploading images locally after importing.

Take into account the lower field with image delimiter - use the one that will be applied to images separation between each other.

3. On the assignment step of the Wizard be sure the columns with images are linked with the relevant fields of the store database:

4. Move on to the options step. You will see the check-box that helps to delete the product images before import. For example, illustrations, which are already assigned to the products, will be erased and overwritten to the new ones from the import file.

Select or leave it unselected, depending on your needs.

After Import Store Manager uploads your Images to FTP automatically, you will be able to see Images in Products page.