4.7. Merchandise Returns


In the "Merchandise Returns" section you can see the list of returned products by customers' initiative. Store Manager does not generate merchandise returns but only shows a list of existing ones.

This list represents the RMA_id (merchandise return authorization), customer name, order_id, the status of return (which may be as follows: waiting for confirmation, waiting for package, package received, return denied, return completed) and dates when issued and updated the information about return.

Using the toolbar of this section, you can:

  • Change the status of return by clicking the corresponding button. In the window, as shown below, there is a list of possible options, click one of them to activate it and press [OK];

  • With the option [Show Explanation] you can see the reason of the customer's return.

  • You can configure the time of validity, that is the number of days the customer must return a product.

  • Show data of the customer, who applied for the return, with the [View Customer] button.

  • View order's details, that was made by this customer, clicking the [View Order] button.

  • Send an email to those, who have applied for the merchandise returns, by pressing the [Send E-Mail] button.

  • In the window that appears you can use templates in the "Use Template" field, specify the subject of the message and, if necessary, add an additional information in the form of an attachment.

  • To see the content of created message press [Preview Email]

  • To update data choose the [Refresh] button.