8. Point of Sale




Point of Sale option

There are two methods to use ‘Point of sale’ functionality: manual method and via a barcode scanner.

Manual method

Allows searching the required products and attach them to an order, using corresponding buttons in the window. It consists of the following fields:

POS section updated

Area 1 allows you add products to the order. Press ‘Search’ button and find from the drop-down product list the required position. Double click on this product and you will get it on the table

below. You may scan the code using bar-code scanner or input in search field product details (text, number etc.). You can also select the fields to search in and can check several or all of them:

Fields to search in updated

Field 2 - customer information field. It may be found in the right section of the window. Using “Search” button from the customer list, you can select the required one or create new customer in your system,

Add button

simply select the corresponding button or hotkey Ctrl+F3. You may edit the customer address if required, press ‘Edit customer addresses’ button (1) or use ‘F3’ button on keyboard and then press near

the address field:

Customer infor

Area 3 - allows specifying information on delivery and payment methods. Additionally, to an order should be assigned definite status. Available variants can be selected from the drop-down.

In order to activate these sections in the third field in “Point of sale” window you should press “Edit” button before changing or indicating details:

Payment and delivery method

If you have a coupon code, it will be automatically added to an appropriate field -‘Coupon code’ field. You can also add a discount ( a percentage value) or shipping amount (numeric value) manually to an order created.

These options are available on the field 4:

Coupon section

Field 5 - consists of the command panel buttons, that facilitate and speed up the process of order design.

You can:

- calculate change for purchase quickly,

- set detailed product search,

- create and print an invoice,

- choose barcode scanner handling.

Lower option in POS

Starting from Store Manager ver. 2.20.1 (Build:1303) you are able to keep working in POS section after order is created - hit the appropriate button from the lower toolbar or use the key F7:

Create and Stay in POS

- Create and Print action generates an invoice based on the certain order details:

Create and print option

and allows you print it or save as а PDF-formatted document:

Invoice page

Note: starting from the Store Manager for Prestashop version 2.37.0:1839 it enables to create the new order on the Invoice page without existing from the Point of Sale section

(see the screenshot below):

Create new order in invoice

Barcode scanner

Such functionality helps you handle orders through POS in much more efficient and easy way.

All you need is to have a barcode scanner, that can be easily connected via USB to your computer, and it will work as a device for data input. In order to set up scanner, you need to open ‘Preferences’

and activate ‘Barcode options’ tab.

Barcode Scanner sector

The scanner is handled as a keyboard by default. It will be enough to scan the product barcode and you will see full information about it and the customer, that have placed this order.

In case checking the ‘Handle as barcode scanner’ type in the “Barcode Options” tab, you should choose the device and scanner will perform definite operations depending on the section of Store Manager

you are currently viewing. If you scan the barcode of the product, using a scanner, this product will automatically be added to the order product list and you do not have to find or to add the appropriate product manually.

Order creation has become much faster and easier using a barcode scanner. Enough only a few clicks of the mouse to do necessary modifications via Prestashop Point of Sale option.

Receipt Printing

Starting from the last program's update (ver. 2.40.0 Build:1883) there is a possibility to print a receipt for the purchase.

You need to set the condition for printing directly in Preferences section of Store Manager:

Receipt options

Check the ‘Print receipt’ checkbox and choose the printer device from a drop-down list.

Print receipt list

It should be installed and prescribed in the system of your computer. Make sure the printer is connected with the computer and has the appropriate driver installed.

This receipt has two sizes of printing (in millimeters), you can choose the desired format from the drop-down list and press ‘OK’ to save the settings.

Receipt format

Creating an order via Point of Sale sector of Store Manager you are able to print the receipt for the particular order once the configuration details are set. Activate the Setting Receipt form by pressing the next option:

Receipt options in POS

After pressing ‘Create and Print’ action in POS lower options’ area the receipt will be automatically printed.

Print Receipt

To preview the receipt of the appropriate order - select an order from the Orders list of Store Manager and click on the button in the top toolbar:

Receipt in top toolbar

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