4.3.1. Create and Edit Order


The most frequently used options at the orders section are Create Order and Edit Order options.

Create New Order

  • To add a new order, you have to click [Create Order] button.

a. To add an order made by the existing customer, check the "Existing Customer" option and select the customer from the drop-down list, which will automatically fill in the appropriate shipping and billing address.

b. To create new order made by a new customer choose the [New Customer] and fill in all fields of contact information tab, as well as, all the basic details of the customer delivery address tab.

To select the necessary product to the specific order, you can use the [Search] option in the POS window. You will see Products Search form.

To add new product to the order for indicated customer:

  • Press 'Search button' and from the list of existing items simple double-clicking on the one you need with the mouse and it will be added to the ordered product grid below.

  • Or type the name of the product and then press 'Search' button. After that, you will see the list of products that matches your request, choose the products you need and you will see it with necessary information in the table below:

To facilitate the search process of the desired product(s), you can click on the field, provided under the search button, and among the list of available for searching parameters select the required ones:

After you added the products to the order, you have to define "Delivery Method", "Payment Method" and "Order Status".

You can find those options in the right pane of the POS window. Press the arrow next to each of these columns and choose the most suitable one from the displayed list of available parameters.

If necessary, you can also specify relevant information in sections "Redeem a Discount Coupon":

and "Order Calculations":

Then, click the button for order creation:

  • [Create and Stay] button allows add an order and continue working in this section.

  • [Create and Exit] adds order to the orders listing and closes the POS form.

  • [Create and Print] creates new order and prints it. After pressing it, you will see an invoice of the order, which you can print out or save as PDF.

Edit Order

To open "Edit Order" form click the corresponding button at the upper toolbar or double-click the order, or right-click the order and choose the option "Edit Order" from the context menu.

Then you will see "Edit Order" form. There you can specify/select date of purchase, order status, customer info (address book data), shipping address and billing address. Please note, that any changes of customer's data that are made on this page will be saved for this order only, without changing general customer's profile.

Click [OK] button to save changes.