2.5. Assign Categories

fmAssignCategories -Assign Categories

This section shows you how to assign products to selected PrestaShop categories.

To assign any product to the PrestaShop category select the product and then choose "Assign Category" in the context menu.

You can find this option on the top toolbar of the Product Page:

You may assign selected product (or products) to any PrestaShop category or subcategory in the "Assign Category" window.

You need to check a proper field.

There is another method of assigning PrestaShop categories.

Select the product (or products) and move it with your mouse to the category or subcategory.

Then, select an action from the "Action window":

  • "Assign product(s) to a category"

  • "Move product(s) to a category (move but keep current default category)" - moves only from assigning categories.

  • "Move product(s) to a category (create new default category)" - move from all categories and create a new default category for the product(s).

Press the [OK] button to apply changes.

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