3.5. Specific Prices


PrestaShop Specific Prices functionality allows you to apply any specific prices to one or several products in bulk in a few clicks. You may apply discounts to a particular customer or a customer group; set the date of discount, availability and specify a particular shop etc.

Choose the "Generators" option on the top toolbar and open the drop-down menu. Among the other commands select the necessary one:

By right-click on the products page you call the context menu with similar actions:

This option may be found also on the Quick tab under the product grid.

Select one or multiple products and go to "Specific Prices" menu.

Press [Add Price] button and "Edit Specific Price" window will show up.

In "Edit Specific Price" window you may select and specify the following options:

- Shop you need to apply specific prices in.

- Currency, country and customer group you need to apply the specific price to.

- A particular customer or all customers and combinations.

- Availability of the discount or price.

- The quantity of the products the discount is valid for.

- Product price.

- Product discount.

In order to apply your Specific Prices, press [OK] button in the "Edit Specific Price" window.

See the following video footage on how to assign specific prices for multiple items at once:

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