4.3. Orders

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Orders is a section that gives the full overview of all orders made by customers.

Basic Operations

"PrestaShop Orders" section displays the detailed information on all the orders made by your customers. On the upper toolbar you can perform the following basic operations:

  • Refresh the orders list with the [Refresh] button.

  • Add a new order with the [Create Order] button. With the help of the create order wizard, you can add a new order made by either existing or new customer.

  • With [Edit Order] button modify existing orders in the "Edit Order Data" form. You can change the basic order info, invoice details, shipping data, as well as discounts, products, and payment options.

  • Remove the existing orders with the [Delete] button.

  • The [Invoice] button displays the invoice report, in a separate window, you can print, save, export, etc.

  • The [Update Status] button allows to change the order status to accepted, canceled, delivered, on back-order, refund, etc.

  • With [Export Orders], you can check out the export configurations for your existing orders information. Click [Next] to proceed with an export according to the available options. This section is optional.

  • Export data to Excel and/or HTML using the Export drop-down menu. You can place to a separate file with the suitable format all your orders or some of them positions. Choose filter parameter, which you can find in each column of orders data.

For example, Store Manager will show the orders with payment by check method, when you previously chose the required variant in the particular column in Orders page:

  1. Select filtered positions and hit "Export Grid" option to be able to place them to a file with one of the following types:

2. Additional "Addons" drop-down menu provides with an option of "Exporting orders info to QuickBooks", as well as "Printing USPS Shipping Labels".

Take into account, the "Export Orders to QuickBooks" action can be scheduled and run automatically.

To be able to perform this, open the "Show scheduled tasks" section and press [Add task] button to open the Scheduler form:

In the "Task Type" field you can choose a necessary option.

Plan this task on a certain date and time on the "Schedule" pane:

Click the [OK] button to save the settings and place the task in the scheduled list:

You can view all orders (1) made at your store by selecting "Full period" in the "Filter by Date" (2) section. Also, you can choose any other time period.

After choosing the customer from the list (1), you can see all "Ordered Products" (3) and "Order Summary" (4) of exact customer:

In the PrestaShop "Orders" section, use the following side and lower menu bars for additional options:

  1. Click the small side arrow on the far right side of the "Orders" section to open the side menu bar. It provides with an option of Filtering orders by Date.

  2. Click the small down arrow on the lower side of the "Orders" section to open the lower menu bar. It displays the record of Ordered Products and Messages. This menu bar, additionally, contains "Order Summary" with product details and information about an employee (if there is one) that performed an order, date, and status.

If you have any suggestions about PrestaShop Customer Management, please go ahead and contact our support team for help.