4.5. Order Messages


If necessary, you can create a template message to your customer and save it to be able to send it back to other clients with similar issues or problems.

To do this, from the main menu of Store Manager in "Customer Service" section find and press the [Order Messages] button:

You will see the list of existing messages: name, content and date of creation. To create a new one, use the [Add Message] button.

In the editor's form, type the message name and text of appeal. For example, create a text message in case of the absence of the ordered product’s size (when it concerns clothing). This message can be named: "The lack of size" and its content may be as follows:

"Unfortunately, product's size, which you have ordered, is already sold out. Please, accept our apologies and we offer you to choose from our wide range a similar models.

We hope for your understanding and our future cooperation."

Click the [OK] button to save your entry.

You have an opportunity to create as many messages as you need. Once you have previously saved message you can edit it by calling "Edit Order Message" form.

When all changes are done, press the [OK] button.

Using the [Export] option you can save existing messages to a separate xls or html file.

To remove notification, click the [Delete Message] button.