4.5. Order Messages


Store Manager for PrestaShop allows you to create predefined order messages and add/manage order messages the same as in the PrestaShop backoffice.

Create and Manage Predefined Order Message

You can create predefined order messages in Store Manager for PrestaShop the same way you do it in the PrestaShop back office.

On the Store Manager menu, select Customer Service > Order Messages. Here you will see a list of existing messages and a toolbar.

To create a new predefined message, press [Add Message].

Fill in a name and text of the message. Click [OK] to save your entry.

To edit an existing message, select it and press Edit Message. Click [OK] to save the changes.

To remove messages, select record(s) in the list and click [Delete Message].

To export messages, select the records in the list and press [Export]. Click one of the suggested file formats (.xls or .html) , select a local folder and press [Save].

Add and Manage Order Massage

On the Store Manager Orders menu, select Orders and switch to the Messages tab. Here you will see a list of existing messages for the selected order.

To add a new message, click [Add Message] and fill in the form:

  • Enter a message text or expand the Choose your order message dropdown to select a predefined message.

  • Select Employee from the dropdown.

  • To make the message visible to the customer, select the Display to a Customer checkbox.

Click OK to save the message.