9.4 Content Management System (CMS)


A Content Management System (CMS) in Store Manager for the PrestaShop is designed to make it easy for non-technical users to add, edit or delete existing pages of an online store.

Go to the Store Manager "Configure" tab and choose the CMS Content section.

You will see a list of existing pages that are available in your online store.

You can add new, edit or delete selected one, pressing the corresponding buttons on CMS’s toolbar:

If you select one of the existing pages and click on [Edit Page] button, "Edit CMS Page" form will appear. You can change CMS category name, meta description, URL path and work with the page content, using HTML editor for that.

When you entered all necessary information, please press [OK] button.

Let’s see how to create your own page via CMS Content option.

Click [Add Page] button and this window will appear below.

Type meta title, meta description, meta Keywords and friendly URL. From the "Page Content" field click [Edit HTML] button to format your new page content and then click the button again to return to the content editor.

You can also enable/disable the "Indexation" option of the selected page. To do so select-unselect the relevant check-box in the "Edit CMS Page Data" form:

When the page is complete, press [OK] button.

The updated page is immediately published in the list of existing pages.