4. Email Templates




This section serves to create an email template and use it when order changes status.

It is located in the top menu of Store Manager in the Customers & Orders section:

Email Templates sector

Using the top toolbar you can:

1. 'Refresh' button uses to display the latest actions when changing the connection, for instance.

2. 'Add template' or create the new one - when you press the similar button, appears 'Email template properties' form, where you should specify a name of the newly created template and its required description.

3. To 'Edit template' simply double-click with your mouse on the selected one and the appropriate form will appear.

4. You can clone a template - select necessary one and click 'Clone Template' button on the toolbar.

5. To remove the template from the store, use 'Delete' button.

6. 'Preview Template' allows you to check created a template before it will be sent.

7. 'Test email' uses to verify the template's correctness. Press 'Show E-mail Settings' option to get to the necessary sector in Preferences:

Show E-mail Settings

Add template

To create a new email template, click 'Add template' button. In the form that appears, specify the name for your template and type description for it.

Click 'OK' button to save changes or 'Cancel' for rejection of the previous action.

Make the content of your template:

1. Specify the subject of the email message;

2. Text area - you can use one of the defaulted templates to create message content.

3.For more convenience you can insert macros from database of your store such as SHOP NAME, SHOP URL, CARRIER NAME, CARRIER URL etc. in the email text;

4. Preview button makes it possible to check the template for correct execution.

5. 'Edit as HTML' button opens the editor's window, where you can edit your template in the normal mode or via Code of database fields - that is 'Raw HTML Editor'.


If required you can attach images to email if there are any on your PC. Use Attachments section in the right pane of the window and press 'Add' button.

You can add images via HTML Editor - press 'Edit as HTML' button and in the form below find 'Select image from local drive' button in the top editor's menu.

Select image from local drive

Images will be added to attachments section automatically.

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