3.3. Product Suppliers

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This chapter describes how to manage product suppliers in PrestaShop store.

Basic Operations

Using toolbar and context menu you can perform following basic operations:

1. [Refresh] button forces suppliers list update. It is useful when you're changing connection or have any doubts in the latest data displayed.

2. [Add Supplier] calls blank Edit Supplier form to create a new supplier.

There are following tabs in the "Edit Supplier" form:

- "Main" tab contains details related to the basic supplier's information: name, status ('enable', 'disable'), description area, metadata (title, description, keywords).

- "Address" tab contains some fields with an asterisk that are mandatory (see the point 2 below with the illustration of this tab).

2. To edit supplier you can double-click on it or press [Edit Supplier] button. It calls "Edit Supplier" form for selected product.

3. You can [Delete Supplier]. You won't be able to undo delete from store option unless you've made a database backup.

4. To export Suppliers use [Export Grid] button on the toolbar.

5. You can assign a supplier(s) to a specific store(s) by choosing [Associate with Shop(s)] button on the toolbar:

Or find the same feature in the "Edit Supplier" form:

Logo Section

Logo Section allows you to load, view and assign logo image to suppliers.