3.19. Product Manufacturers

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This chapter describes how to manage product manufacturers in PrestaShop store. If you want to know how to edit manufacturers, go to the 2.19.1. sub-page.

Basic Operations

The toolbar and context menu allows you to perform the following basic operations:

1. [Add Manufacturer] calls blank "Edit Manufacturer" form, which is used to create a new manufacturer.

2. To edit manufacturer you can double click on it or press [Edit Manufacturer] button. It calls "Edit Manufacturer" form for a selected product.

3. You can [Delete Manufacturer]. You won't be able to undo delete from store option, unless you've made a database backup.

4. [Refresh] data forces manufacturers' list update. It is useful when you're changing connection or have any doubts in the latest data displayed.

5. [Associate with Shop(s)] helps to check the store(s) where the current Manufacturer will be available:

6. You can [Export] your Manufacturers (the whole list or selected ones) to Excel file or as an HTML document.

Logo Section

"Logo" section allows you to assign logo image to Manufacturers.

In order to do that, you need to specify the correct FTP settings. Please go to "Tools / Preferences" and choose "FTP" tab to check your FTP connection.