How to perform import tags for multilingual store

In case the file to import contains the information on tags for each language separately for your multilingual store follow next steps to transfer and display details properly.

See an example of the data which need to be imported:

Tags in the columns

You can see the tags which are separated by the columns depending on the language.

In order to transfer such details to the store’s Front-End correctly, launch the Import Products wizard in the Store Manager and go through the basic steps of the process till the assignment stage.

Scroll down the list in the left panel to find the necessary fields. You will see the ones for each language positions. Assign the file’s columns with the tags to the appropriate fields of the store database.

Make sure all values are linked properly before go ahead.

Tags on the Assignment step

Pay attention, the data which are not linked will be skipped!

Do not forget to link the fields required to import identification to be able to proceed:

Identify products by list

In the final stage check the store or stores which you want the imported tags will be reflected in:

Check shop accossiation

And run the process of transferring:

Press import option

Now, you can check the updated details at your front-end (in case your store is connected with the Store Manager via bridge type or bridge connector module - do not forget to press the operation for posting the changes previously!).

Tags in the Front-End