4.1. Addresses


To be able to manage your customers' addresses you need to go to "Store" tab and find '"Addresses" section accordingly:

Addresses section

To add address press on [Add address] button and specify all the details of your customer's address.

The fields "Customer e-mail", "Alias", "First name", "Last name", "Address", "Post/Zip code", "City", "Country" are marked with * and are mandatory. If some of them are not filled, you get the notification as in the illustration below.

Add new address form

You may also Edit your customers' address, Refresh addresses page or Delete selected one(s) by using the main toolbar:

Addresses top menu

There is also an option to export addresses to excel or HTML file by choosing the corresponding option.

Addresses export data

Since the last update of Store Manager, there are some new features while editing/adding the address to the Address book of Store Manager:

Add / Edit Address
    1. "Postal/Zip code" field:

Most countries have a code with the symbol 'N' in different variations, such as NNNN NNN or NNN, or NNNNN - the 'N' means the number, i.e. such postal code consists of the appropriate numbers of digits.

For example, in Italy there is 5 digits in a code, for Norway or Belgium - 4 digits and for Slovakia - 6 digits in the zip code, and so on.

NNNNN format of the code

There are countries that have, additionally, the country code in their indexes and may be indicated as CNNNN. For example, Azerbaijan has two default code’s letters ‘AZ’ in front of the 4 digits in the postal code.

CNNNN in the postal code

Some countries contain numbers 'N', country code 'C ' as well as letters 'L' in their postal(zip) codes and may have the following formula: CN-NLL or LLN-NLL, or LNL NLN etc. For instance, in Canada, the first part of the code is generated from forward sortation area and the second one - local delivery unit (LNL NLN) and it looks like - K1A 0B1.

Example of Canada code

Note, if you specify incorrect postal code, the following pop-up message will be displayed:

Incorrect postal code message

2. In the address form you have to indicate the country. This section also includes states, provinces, regions. In the example below the field "State" becomes mandatory. If you leave it blank, the following warning message will appear:

State field

To fill in the "State" filed, choose the necessary location from the drop-down list:

Fill the State field

3. It is required to fill one of the fields with the phone number to be able to create or modify existing address in the "Address Details" section of Store Manager.

Phone numbers fields

Please take into account, starting from the latest updated version of Store Manager for Prestashop (v.2.38.0:1857) the phone number fields are mandatory to fill and the "Edit" form cannot be closed without home and mobile phone numbers (see an illustration below):

Phone number fields are mandatory