3.7.1. Assign Attachments


An attachment can contain further information (additional features) about selected product - it can be a short video clip on the product exploitation, a text document with additional product details, or price list, if the product has many variations or sub-types. To link attachment to the item from the store go to the Products page of Store Manager and from the lower grid find Attachments section.

Please note, attachments should already exist in Attachments list of Store Manager for PrestaShop in order to be added.

Attachments section

There are all existing records with the appropriate checkboxes (see an illustration below). Select checkboxes of required positions and press [Apply] button.

Apply changes button

Once [Apply] command is completed you can see attachments on the Product front-end page.

Attachments on the Front-End

To get more details on the assignment of attachments check the following guide:

PrestaShop Attachments. Bulk Assign Attachments to Products